Wednesday, October 28, 2009

She Pulled It Out!

She Pulled Her First Tooth (525)

Kali finally wiggled that little tooth that was dangling by a thread this morning just enough for it to come out. Watching her little face and seeing the amazement was wonderful.

DSC03064-003 DSC03065-004 DSC03067-005 DSCF0749-006 She went and showed Pop her gap and the little tooth she pulled and he asked her to put it under his pillow and she said NO Way!DSCF0753-010

She called her Mama right after she pulled her tooth and when she didn’t answer (she’s in nursing school) we sent a picture message to her cell phone. Mama’s gonna be so excited for her!

DSCF0755-012 DSCF0757-014

Showing Nanny Lexi her tooth and the little gap it left when she pulled it out.DSCF0758-015 DSCF0759-016

Kali had to leave for school, so we put her tooth in a pretty tea cup for safe keeping until she can put it under her pillow at home tonight. Kali’s been smiling ever since she pulled it!


Deborah said...

Wow what a big event. I'm sure the Tooth Fairy is going to bring her a ton of money for that perfect little tooth.

Amy said...

Horay! No more orajel!

Virginia said...

Congratulations Kali!

How awesome is that?

jmac said...

LOVE that layout!! So cute. She will be so happy, one day, to have that pictorial memory!

And a little "birdie" told me you should check out my blob today!!
Love you, girly!!!!!