Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spa di da: Pedicures

The girls really loved all the stations… but the pedicures were a big hit with Spa Lady Erica. She sure made them feel pampered. Here are a few photos of her taking care of the little party goers.

 DSC09220-001 DSC09222-002 DSC09225-003 DSC09238-012 DSC09239-013  DSCF6336-054 DSCF6341-058 DSCF6391-102DSCF6357-074 Tomorrow we take you into the waiting room and beyond at our Spa di da event!

Spa di da: Dressing Room

After our little sweeties signed in and got their spa package, they went to the dressing room where they found a little short set for each of them hanging above little baskets.

DSCF6310-030 DSCF6312-031 DSC09263-025They were to each take a basket with them after they changed along with a monogrammed towel and water bottle.


DSC09261-024 DSC09241-014 DSC09260-023They went to the bar and filled their water bottles with ice water before going to the waiting room to meet their spa lady for the first rotation of relaxing treatments.



Here’s Kali on her way to her first treatment with her basket of goodies and her new little spa clothes.

DSCF6347-064 Tomorrow I will share a bit about the fun that went on in the waiting rooms! Have a wonderful day!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Spa di da: Welcome Table

As our little guests arrived for the party they went over to the welcome table to pick up a few little things and sign in.

DSCF6313-032 Here’s Kali signing the spa sheet.

DSCF6316-035 DSC09227-005

I adorned these adorable sparkly pink makeup bags with a big aqua flower. The girls loved them!

DSC09226-004 The girls also picked up their spa supplies bag which consisted of a face washing pad, q-tips, cotton balls, face wipes and pink nail polish packaged up in sweet little draw string sachets.

DSCF6314-033 DSC09243-016 Personalized name tags with the Spa di da logo were on all of the girl’s spa treats. Look for more tomorrow on my blog about our fabulously fun Spa di da party!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Spa di da

On Wednesday of this past week I started planning a little spa party for Kali and four of her little friends. By Wednesday evening Kris let me know that they could all attend. On Thursday I did a little shopping for the supplies we needed and on Friday I made the paper products and set up a menu. We did our grocery shopping on Friday night and I spent a few hours printing up the labels, assembling and setting up the house after we got back from our shopping trip.

I’ll be sharing photos this week of all of our different spa rooms and the girls enjoying their treatments and all the little details.

The name of the spa was inspired by one I saw online in New York for adults and it suited our needs perfectly.

This little sign inspired our color scheme and was the perfect thing to hang on the front door. I love the pinks with aqua color theme!


Here’s a peek at the sign in table.


Two of our beautiful spa ladies posed for us before the guests arrived. Erica served the girls in the pedicure room and Dani was our manicurist.

DSCF6366-081 The girls got a basket when they arrived to put all of their goodies in and they were able to carry them from one spa room to the next. They loved their monogrammed towels and all the goodies and treats they got during the girl’s spa party.DSCF6432-139

DSCF6456-159 More on the Spa di da party tomorrow!

She lost another one…

Kali lost another tooth yesterday… her first top tooth and goodness the tooth fairy was generous! Here’s a photo of our girl sporting her new look!


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Morning Fun

I forgot my little point and shoot camera when we went to the library this morning, the boys had a great time. Storytime was about pockets and the boys really enjoyed the books, songs and activities. Here's a photo of their kangaroos they colored, they were so proud of them and went up to show Mrs. Sarah when they were done and both of them got high fives from her.
We had a delicious lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant then came home for naps. The boys will be up in a few ... I hear them stirring now, will be back with more photos later!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dishware Heaven

I'm having a wonderful time organizing my dishware in the new house, I've got a pantry that is very large and accomodates my collections of dishware nicely. Its so nice to see everything in one place and I love how easily everything is accessible in there! Here's a peek into my little corner of heaven.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Fun

Here are a few layouts featuring our favorite little people. Alex, Eli and Kali. I created them both using Shabby Miss Jenn Design kit Every Day with the addition of the gold paper from Birthday Wishes. I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend... we certainly did!

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Very Happy Sunday

Saturday night at our house was filled with laughter and the pitter patter of our three favorite little people. Kali, Alex and Eli watched Toy Story 1 (the boys had never seen it before and loved it!) and snuggled up together for the night. After breakfast we took the three of them to Mass with Krista, then came home and shared a little lunch. The kids played with building blocks with Davey, Claire and Erica for a while until it was time for the boys to go home for their naps.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A New and Growing Collection

My parents started this collection for me and gave me some of these beautiful pieces at Christmas time and I'm adding to it because I am loving the beautiful color and I can definitely see using these pieces! They found a few more pieces this past weekend while flea marketing and antiquing and called to see if I was interested. I gave them a swift and definte YES to that question! I'm planning on using these serving pieces for Krista's bridal shower. I am sure its going to be lovely! The pieces on the bottom are all 12 to 14 inches across and the tallest candy dish is also 14 inches high. I sure am going to be on the look out for more pieces for my collection!

Alex and Eli, The Builders

Elijah building castles.

Alex working on his bridge.

The little guys came over last Thursday and we went to StoryTime at the Library, they enjoyed it and a yummy lunch at home then had naps. After nap time they wanted to work on their bridges and castles, so out came the big bag of blocks and the building began. Eli specialises in castles and Alex is a fabulous bridge builder. I'm still trying to figure out what the differences in the two are in the mind of the 2.5 year old, because they sure look a lot alike, both have arches and columns involved heavily!