Sunday, July 29, 2012

Family Beach Vacation

Dave and I took our three girls and Kali and Caroline to the beach for a very relaxing week. Despite the little afternoon showers we had plenty of sunshine. Here’s a photo Erica snapped with her iPhone of me and Dave at Cobalt restaurant for supper one night.

Katy Dave Cobalt_web

I will be sharing more photos this week. I certainly didn’t shoot a bunch, but the girls got some nice shots of us at various times, as well as a little photo shoot at the pool with Kali and Caroline.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Caroline’s Growing!

Every few weeks we’re going to take photos of Caroline in Krista’s lap. I got the idea when I shot this photo of Krista during a maternity shoot.

DSC_7403-001 I figured we could mark the passing months with a visual showing just how much she is growing.

She weighed seven pounds one ounce at birth and here she is at three weeks old at eight pounds five ounces.

DSC_8134-002 This morning we took this one of her, she will be six weeks old tomorrow. She weighed seven pounds one ounce at birth and is now a whopping nine pounds eight ounces.

DSC_8639-003 She is starting to lose some of the hair on the crown of her head, just like sister Kali did at that age. We love putting pretty bows and headbands on her, we’re sure she’s going to be a girly girl! Happy Friday everyone!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More fun photos from the 4th of July

My mother in law Nettie with our sweet baby Caroline. She is so in tune with what Granny is telling her!

DSC_8473-001 Kali enjoying a piece of our RW&B dessert cake! She loved it and said it was the best cake ever!

DSC_8476-002 Kali holding baby Caroline while she napped.

DSC_8486-003 After lunch, Dave, Zach and the girls tied water balloons up in a few of our crepe myrtle trees and we let the kids pop them like pinatas! So much fun! I’m sure we’ll be doing this again!

DSC_8536-007 DSC_8495-004 DSC_8507-005 DSC_8516-006 Dessert “Rockets” for the little boys, they were a big hit with everyone but the boys loved them the most!

DSC_8572-009 DSC_8571-008 Uncle Davey holding Caroline while she napped.

DSC_8574-010 And our final photo is of the princess in her crib in Lolli’s office. She had a few great naps and was in a very good mood when she woke up!


I hope everyone has an amazing week!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

July 4th Celebration

Our Fourth of July was celebrated in a very traditional way, Dave, Alexa and I stayed home and barbecued, Krista, Zach, Kali, Caroline and my mother in law Nettie came over for lunch. Alexa, her friend Lauren and I made a dessert buffet together that morning. Thanks to the inspiration I found on Pinterest, it was all very easy to pull together.

DSC_8446-001 DSC_8455-006 DSC_8461-010 DSC_8463-011 DSC_8465-013 DSC_8466-014  DSC_8470-017 DSC_8471-018DSC_8468-015 DSC_8478-019 DSC_8480-020 DSC_8489-021 Everything was yummy and our fourth couldn’t have been more scrumptious!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Overnight Guests

Our favorite girls are spending the night while Zach and Ian are at a baseball tournament this weekend. Krista, Kali and baby Caroline had supper with us and are spending the night. How wonderful it is to have them all here with us! Sweet dreams pretty girls!

Kali went to sleep first because she has her first alter server practice at morning mass.

Kali Sleeping Caroline Awake

Sweet Caroline is still awake, a little fussy but tired and Mama is trying to get her to sleep. Here she is all bright eyed and bushy tailed! She and her big sissy have matching gown fabric and they’re just too cute!

Monday, July 2, 2012

America (The SMJD Scrapbooking Kit)

I’m still in love with everything Jenn at Shabby Miss Jenn Designs creates and this week we have a new digital scrapbooking kit to add to our wonderful arsenal of materials. I created this sweet little layout using photos of Kali at one of our summer vacations to the beach that took place over the 4th of July 2010. I know I will be using this kit a whole lot this year!

summer 2010

Kali sure has grown a whole lot in the last two years! Can’t wait for our family 4th of July celebration at our home this year! I’m planning some fun for everyone of us!

She’s already One Month Old!

Caroline is such a sweet baby girl and so very good too, she hasn’t fussed much with colic yet and is eating so good that she’s already gained over a pound in her first month! When Kris, Zach, Ian and Kali came over with her yesterday for lunch we took a few photos of her that I couldn’t wait to share. She has changed so much in just a month, she still favors both of her siblings a little bit, but looks like her own little self now.

Caroline 1 Mo 03 Caroline 1 M0 02 Caroline 1 Mo 01 The world is such an interesting place and Caroline is enjoying exploring it all with her sweet little eyes! Happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sweet Corn from Daddy

I got a nice big batch of sweet corn from my Daddy this past week and cleaned and cooked it up. I have about four quarts of corn in the freezer!

ice chest cleaned in the pot cooked It sure is a yummy thing to have in the fridge for the coming winter soups! Thanks to my Daddy for picking, shucking and bringing over the corn! I appreciate you!

Figs, figs, yummy, sweet figs!

Between one of our pecan trees and a few orange trees are two fig trees. One is a Celeste and the other is a Brown Turkey. The Celeste makes larger figs but the Brown Turkey has a higher sugar content, mixed together they make a very scrumptious batch of preserves.


Dave did a fantastic job of topping the fig trees and cleaning out the middle branches to make picking easy, my Daddy has been picking figs in our orchard for the last few weeks and he picked a nice big bowl full for me to preserve.

DSC_8165-001 The first thing I did was weigh the figs so I could determine how much sugar I needed to add to the pot when I cooked them.

DSC_8168-002 I had six pounds, so by my deductions I needed at least five cups for the figs to preserve and candy nicely.

DSC_8171-003 So after tipping them and cutting most of them in half I added them to a large pot on the stove.


Added my sugar to the pot and stirred it in, it made a yummy sugary concoction that was soon to be extra delicious.

DSC_8178-005 I added the juice of a lemon and a half.

 DSC_8181-006 DSC_8182-007 DSC_8183-008

Then I stirred it all together and let it simmer on low for about an hour and a half.


As it cooked it became extra delicious smelling in our home.


It yielded about three quarts from the six pounds of figs and I put them in storage containers and stuck them into the fridge. I gave one to Davey and kept the other two. We love adding a few heaping tablespoons to our barbecue sauce mixture to give it a bit of sweetness and it always turns out fabulous. Thanks to my Daddy for picking my figs, I’m going to have to share a bit of their goodness with him!