Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Whole lotta “BOOin” Goin’ On

Kali loves going out and “Booing” her friends and cousins. I put together some little treats for her to bring around the neighborhood tonight. She’s going to have a blast! I really think its more fun to Boo than to be Boo’d!

DSCF7748-001 DSCF7749-002 DSCF7750-003 DSCF7751-004 DSCF7759-005

I used Kate Hatfield’s little pumpkin and mouse graphic from her “Pick of the Patch” kit.

Halloween Party for Kali, Alex and Eli

We had a little supper party last night for the little ones at our house. Here are a few highlights. The boys and Kali were so excited to see the ghosts with treats off of the patio.


The place settings included little candy corn dishes and straws with crawly spiders on them. Each of the children got a ghost lantern to use while trick or treating this weekend.


The name tags on the ghosts were created using Kate Hafield’s adorable little cowboy graphic from her “ Ride em’ Cowboy” kit. you can find them “HERE” in her store. (Click the word ‘here’)DSCF7686-003 DSCF7689-004 DSCF7690-005 DSCF7692-007 Eli and Alex were a little dirty from riding the four wheeler with their daddy when they got here, but they loved the surprise! DSCF7711-023DSCF7710-022

The little ghosts on the back of the patio held treats for the little guys and Kali.

Here’s some of the party decorations and treats for the little ones on the treat table.

DSCF7718-027 DSCF7700-013 DSCF7702-015 DSCF7703-016 DSCF7704-017 DSCF7715-025 DSCF7716-026 I created the treat bag labels with Kate Hadfield’s little graphics here as well. The cowboy is from her “Ride em’ Cowboy” kit and the nurse is from her “Doctor Doctor” kit.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

80s Dress Up Day for Seniors 2011

Erica had a few friends over to spend the night and they got ready for their 80s dress up day together. Here are a few pics of Kayla, Dani and Erica in their 80s flava outfits.

DSCF7679-001 DSCF7680-002 DSCF7681-003 DSCF7682-004

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Landry

Yesterday I got a little something special in my email from our wedding photographer. She sent me a sneak peek of the wedding day. One special photo if I do say so myownself! :)

The newly married Zach and Krista Landry!

Kris Zach Wedding Dance

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Erica is 18!

With all the hustle and bustle of the wedding... our baby girl was a wee bit neglected for her 18th birthday, I took this beautiful photo of her at the wedding and wanted to share it with y'all. Isn't she just gorgeous at 18!! Happy Birthday again Erica Celine!

Erica Web

Krista (Bridals)

DSCF6511-002  DSCF6572-004 DSCF6527-003

Every day I will add a few bridal images as I edit them. It was pure joy photographing our daughter Krista in preparation for her wedding to Zach. They left this evening to go to New Orleans on the first leg of their Honeymoon, we’re gonna miss them!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Our Beautiful Bride

Now that the wedding has come and gone… I can post a few photos of the bridals I shot of Krista at our home a few weeks before the big day. Many thanks to Brie, her MOH for spending this wonderful day with us. Thank you for the help that day and for the wonderful best friend you are to our daughter. We love you!

Krista knew she wanted to take photos in our home and we’re so glad she chose this location. Of all the places I could have photographed her, shooting her here was a dream come true, I’d envisioned her in her bridal gown in our home for years, even though this home is a new dream come true for us.

Here she is… she’s now his Mrs. Landry.

DSCF6630-004 DSCF6660-007 DSCF6639-005 DSCF6647-006 Kris Bedroom-008 DSCF6592-003 kris 16x20-009DSCF6590-010

Kissy, you were absolutely gorgeous on your wedding day, we are so happy for you and pleased to have Zach and Ian join our family. We hope you and Zach have an amazing Honeymoon!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Tomorrow she will be a Mrs.

Our oldest daughter, Krista will become Mrs. Landry tomorrow when she marries Zachary Paul. We’re hoping for a beautiful, sunny and cool day for their special day! We are positive about one thing… she will be the most beautiful bride we have ever seen!


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pinky the free range Pig

We have a pink pig on our little country farm we call Pinky, she’s a free range pig, walking and sleeping amongst the cows and picking on the dogs in their cages all the time. She loves persimmons and Jujube apples a whole lot and any fresh cuttings from my kitchen I give to her. I’m posting this one for Janey… since she was so amused by our little petunia!

pinky the pig

At the Pond

Alex and Eli joined Dave and Davey at the pond on Sunday evening to feed the fish. Cooper and River were along for the trip and got right in the middle of things. It was a beautiful evening!

 DSCF7321-001 DSCF7328-002DSCF7336-003

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Blessing of the Pets @ SES

This morning I brought Kali and her pet fish Tiger to school. He rode in his little transport bowl and was blessed by Father at SES in the school yard.

DSCF7409-011 DSCF7400-003 DSCF7401-004 DSCF7403-006 DSCF7405-008

Watermelon Harvesting Time

This past weekend Dave, Davey and the twins went out to the watermelon hill and picked a few melons. Some were ripe and some … not so much, but Alex and Eli enjoyed them a whole lot.

     DSCF7304-006 DSCF7305-007 DSCF7307-009 DSCF7308-010






I hope you all have a happy Tuesday!