Friday, November 26, 2010

A lil Gift from Lolli and Pop and Tangled

Early today while everyone else was shopping and running the roads, Erica, Claire, Krista and I took Kali, Alex and Eli to see the wonderfully delightful Disney Movie “Tangled”.

Disney-Tangled-Poster-1 Disney’s “Tangled”

Before leaving for lunch and the movie the little ones opened their Thanksgiving prizes from Lolli and Pop… their matching Christmas pajamas. They’re going to be adorable in them! They also got Lifesaver Gummies in their stockings to bring to the movies!

DSC_0348-014 DSC_0335-001 DSC_0336-002 DSC_0337-003 DSC_0338-004 DSC_0341-007 DSC_0342-008 DSC_0344-010 DSC_0345-011 DSC_0346-012 DSC_0347-013 I can’t wait to see our sweeties all dressed up in their Christmas jammies!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Snowman in South Louisiana

Nope its not what you’re thinking, we didn’t get any cold weather, much less snow, but the snowman came and left a few gifts for the kiddies. Kali, Alex and Eli have a little something special in their snowman stockings and new Christmas pajamas to wear for decorating their trees and the holiday season. More photos to come of them in their PJs. I’m sure we’ll be watching a Christmas program in my tub and donning our new pjs soon afterward tonight!

DSC_0324-005 DSC_0319-001 DSC_0321-002 DSC_0322-003 DSC_0323-004

Thanksgiving Dance Clinic for Kali

Two days this week Kali went to the CHS Western Hoe Down Dance clinic, she had a great time, learned a few line dances and two jazz dances, she did an awesome job and loved the fact that she wasn’t in the ‘baby’ group. She will be joining the CHS Dance team to dance at their Tuesday night basketball halftime performance next week. Her friend RIley also attended with her and we have a cute photo of her too! Here are a few photos of Kali doing some line dances.

DSC_0265-004 DSC_0256-001 DSC_0262-003 Kali’s little friend Ava Jewel dancing her heart out and looking adorable in her boots.

DSC_0258-002 Little Miss Riley striking a pose, she’s a super dancer!

DSC_0313-010 Kali and her dance clinic certificate and art work she made while at the clinic.

DSC_0308-007 DSC_0274-005 Striking a finale pose with her friends.

DSC_0292-006 Two of her favorite CHS Dance Team members.

DSC_0311-009 DSC_0310-008 Kali and Aunt Erica after the performances. Its always special when you have support from the ones you love!


Monday, November 22, 2010

AI Dreaming

Here’s a quick peek at the view I had on Avery Island this weekend of one of the waterways. Its so beautiful out there this time of year. The day was gorgeous and the water was calm.

AI Dreamin (W)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

There’s No Place like Home

I created this layout with SMJ’s new Comfy Home kit.

There's No Place like Home

Have a happy Tuesday!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Absolutely Fabuloso!

I’m loving the new fall digital scrapbooking kits by Shabby Miss Jenn! I used Captured and Blissful Moments to create all of the layouts on today’s post. Enjoy!!

Homecoming Night Lovely Little Leopard Baby Louis Blissful Moments Captured web

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween Layouts

A quick little layouts featuring our favorite cowboys I created this for their little albums to document the fun time they had dressing up! More to come of Kali soon!

Howdy Partner

Homecoming, A Party, 2 Reunions and a Hayride

This weekend was fun and eventful for our whole family. Erica had her Senior year homecoming and was totally adorable. Here she is with her date Jory.

 Jory Erica Homecoming 2010 Erica Homecoming

Dave and I went to the Homecoming game, NISH beat undefeated Terrebone 23 – 20 and we hung out with classmates for a few hours at The Sliman.


Davey and Claire attended their ten year reunion (where did the time go?!?)!

Claire and Davey (10 Yr Reunion)

Krista and Zach went to Brie and Jered’s “Til Death Do US Part” Halloween themed engagement party.

Kris Zach Halloween 2010

And the little ones had a fantastic Halloween party with friends and family. Eli and Alex were cowboys, Kali was a Princess Leopard and Ian was a mobster!


DSCF7797A&E Halloween 2010 Kali Leopard