Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of Pre-K for Alex and Elijah

I created a few cute little tags for the twins to wear with the required information and remembered an idea I saw on Pinterest where you make a first day of school sign for each child. So I created one for each of the twins and went over to their house on their first day of school and took these photos. They are enjoying school and doing a great job being big boys!

Twins 1st Day PK WEB Excited

I love the first photo, but I really ADORE the second one, they were soooooo excited and too cute!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Blush All Over

I have a bit of a Polyvore addition lately and am enjoying creating outfits online and then doing a bit of shopping to bring them to my own closet. I just love blush and black together, here’s my little creation from today. Blush All Over

Blush All Over

Click here to see all of my Polyvore creations: Luckaty@Polyvore

Back to School Sweeties

This week Kali, Alex and Eli started the new year off. They’re in 3rd and Pre K this year at SES. Tomorrow is the twin’s first Holy Mass at school. I’m sure they’re going to be very good boys at church. Looking forward to a great new year. I shot a few photos of our happy kiddos yesterday after Aunt Eri picked them up at school.

    Kali Marie is a Third Grader!DSC_9255-003

Alex Scott got a HAPPY FACE yesterday and was so proud!


Eli James also got a HAPPY Face for being a good boy at school!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yesterday and Tomorrow

I’m so lucky to have baby Caroline come and stay with me while her parents go to work and Kali goes to school. Erica has been spending this week with us, she starts school next week and we’re enjoying having her at home. She’s been a big help with the little ones too. Picking Kali up from school after guitar lessons, bringing her to eat supper before dropping her off at dance class. Thanks Eri for all you do to help me and Kris! We appreciate you!

Here’s a lil picture of Caroline that I took yesterday. More to come tomorrow I’m sure once she’s here I always make time to take a few photos!

Caroline Ten Wks

Beach Vacation

Here are a few photos from our beach vacation with the girls to Perdido Key, Alabama.

Kali Katy Dave Lolli & Kali Bungee C&K Pink Stripe  K&C @the poolCaroline Yellow  Kali Yellow

DSC_8712-012 DSC_8797-066 DSC_8805-072 DSC_8810-076 DSC_8826-083 DSC_8840-092

Monday, August 13, 2012

H2O Hydrate!

I found a very pretty water pitcher Saturday while Dave and I were shopping at TJ Maxx and knew it would entice me to drink more water. Add a pretty glass and tray for collecting moisture and its just lovely on the center island in the kitchen. Lightly flavored with a few thin slices of lemon and I’m off to a great start getting all my water in for the day!

H2O Web Hope you all remember to stay hydrated and have a super Monday!