Sunday, April 28, 2013

Celebrating Kali

We had a wonderful time watching Kali dance yesterday in her 6th recital. She was beautiful and did an amazing job with her performances. Krista took a photo of me and Pop with her and she was just adorable in her costume.

Pop Kali Lolli WEB

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Kali’s 6th Year Dance Recital

This morning while Kali is participating in her sixth year dance recital I am babysitting little Caroline, she’s napping at the moment and it gives me a bit of time to post a few photos I shot of Kali that were taken the day of her dance class photos. I took these at home after putting a little makeup on her and a fixing her hair. She’s just adorable in them and I know she’s having a fun day. Dave and I are attending the afternoon performance and can’t wait to watch her.

 DSC_0544-004 DSC_0545-005

Kali Dance 2013 Pink-009

A Little Tea and Two Handsome Boys

This past week Alex and Elijah had a tea party with their fellow pre K classmates at SES, it was held in the parish hall of Our Lady of Perpetual Help and the boys enjoyed it. They were OK with escorting their little friend Edith, who was adorable in her lavender dress and flower in her hair, and they liked the refreshments, the dancing… not so much. Eli gave it a shot with the first little dance, then hung out with his buddies on the dance floor watching everything going on around him, Alex opted to hang out with his Honey (Claire’s mom) on the sidelines. We shot a bunch of adorable photos, here are the highlights.

DSC_1509-078 DSC_1394-006 DSC_1395-007  DSC_1414-012 DSC_1432-020 DSC_1441-026 DSC_1451-035 DSC_1463-044 DSC_1478-055

Here’s one of me with my handsome guys.

Alex Lolli and Eli

Friday, April 19, 2013

Celebrate 8 is Great

Kali’s Golden Birthday is coming up on May 9th this year, so I’ve created a layout celebrating her 8th year and I used Shabby Miss Jenn’s cute little Honey Love kit.

8 is Great

Click on the layout to go to the Shabby Miss Jenn Designs shoppe.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sweet little girl and sweet layouts

I created the scrapbook page below using Shabby Miss Jenn Designs kit “Honey Love”. Check out my gallery at SMJD by clicking on this layout and two others I created using Honey Love. The layout features a photo I shot of Caroline last week, she’s now ten months old and so expressive and adorable. She smiles all the time and it brings joy to everyone in the family.

Sugar Bee WEB

Here’s the preview for the lovely Honey Love kit, click on it to see it in Shabby Miss Jenn’s shoppe!

honey love preview

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Latest Layouts

Here are some of my latest layouts, you can check out the details of them in My Shabby Miss Jenn Gallery by clicking HERE

Ride Ca$h Ride Dreaming of Disney World First Flight Goin Fishin