Saturday, February 28, 2009

Vintage Girl Booth @ Antique Schoolhouse Mall

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Its against my better judgement, but my Mama would say its the right thing to do. Sharing a find like this isn't something that comes easily, but you all in blogland are ... lucky for me... mostly far, far away. ;) This shoppe at the Antique Schoolhouse Mall was just amazing, my sisters and I all loved everything about them. I was decorating my new house that has yet to be built with everything in the store! Located in the downstairs section. It is just a dreamland of beautiful items with great prices! This shoppe owner has amazing taste and is fabulous at marketing because we want it all!

Antiquing Saturday with Robin & Deb

I went antiquing and hunting through flea markets in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana at several adorable shops and in Washington, Louisiana at the Antique Schoolhouse Mall with my sisters Robin and Deborah. We were out celebrating Robin's birthday which is tomorrow and enjoying time together just the three of us.

We each found some very special items today. I happened to be the luckiest of all because I just came across such sweet deals and found things that were right up my alley! Click on the photo above of some of my finds to see detailed photos.

Descriptions of some of my finds:

The doll is a 23 inch tall Drink and Wet Baby Doll that I thought was just so pretty. The green and white platter is 12" wide by 10" high and will make a pretty addition to my St. Patrick's Day decorations. The individual yellow casserole dishes are 7 inches wide and will be perfect for little crab au gratin that I'm planning this week and they go so nicely with my current green, white and bright golden yellow tablescape. The lil coffee pot is only 5" tall and is so adorable. It'll be a cute addition to any tablescape. I found three adorable little bird's nests that will be so cute on my Easter table, along with two little potted white flowers with placecard holder tucked in the flowers. I also found a few red and white pieces, a plate and bowl and red garland. I set it up with a red kitchen towel, tiny cloche and bright red apple to show it off. The dishes, though worn, are so gorgeous with beautiful red roses with pretty green leaves. The cook book "I Remember..." is Recipes and Memories collected by the Maine Alzheimers Association. I peeked inside and there are dozens of wonderful recipes that I'm sure to try over the years. There's a breakfast casserole that looks yummy and I'm going to make it for the family in the morning. The second to last photo in the album is of two lovely robin's egg blue dishes, one is a large round platter 14" round and the othe ris a beautiful cake stand 12" wide and 6" high. It was in a big box sitting on the middle of my kitchen bar when I returned from shopping tonight. It was sent to me by my sweet friend Janey, she found the pieces in Canton when shopping with girlfriends just a week or so ago. Thanks so very much for the adorable dishes, they'll go perfectly with my other pieces! Mwah!!

The white pie safe cabinet was the find of the day for me. Its old and the patina is lovely, I adore that its white and I will be able to use it to show off some sweet dishware sets, I can imagine dozens of ways it will be able to be used! Dave's grandmother had one in her kitchen and he often mentioned how much he loved eating the pies that were stored in it. We'll have to go back to the Antique Schoolhouse Mall soon to pick it up because today I was in the car and didn't even imagine I'd anything that would be too large to carry home in the car! Maybe tomorrow! :)

Our Little Ballerina

Today Kali has pictures for dancing. She's going to be in her second recital in April and she is going to be simply adorable. This morning she came over to have me help with fixing her hair. We decided to do a messy low side bun and tucked her flower behind her ear. She looks so cute with a little blush and lipgloss and she's such a girly girl! Its amazing how much she loves to dance, just like her mama. Good Luck little Kali! You know I had to shoot a few photos of her before she left!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday Tablescapes with Between Naps on the Porch

My dishware was purchased at a thrift store called "Burkes" there were only brunch sized plates and bowls. I love the square shape and asian flare they possess and decided to add touches that would reflect that style. The dishes are by Tabletops Gallery in the pattern Swirl Fern.

I added pretty yellow roses along with other yellow accents to compliment the green. (Thanks for the suggestion Janey!) I purchased these at my local Sam's Club and put them into a crystal vase which was a wedding gift from a lovely aunt.

This pitcher (Monterey Collection Home/studio) pictured here was a gift from my sisters last March and it goes so beautifully with my tablescape. I placed it on the bar with the wine glasses and a serving plate that matches the dishware.

I love how the light coming through my kitchen window dances through the dishware and crystal on the table.

I added square bamboo chargers and chopsticks to kick up the oriental look of the tablescape.

Lemons and Limes are perfect to add color to the kitchen counter and I added a pretty yellow tea towel to the Bordallo Pinheiro dishes.

I added a few yellow pillows and pretty yellow tulips to the sitting area in the den adjacent to the kitchen where the tablescape is located.

The yellow napkins, bamboo chargers and silverware are all from World Market, I just LOVE that place! The bamboo style knives, forks and spoons were the perfect finishing touch, don't you think?

A closeup of the tulips.

My candles were also purchased at World Market and I found the soft green colored glasses at Target while visiting dear friends up in Shreveport last earlier this month.

You really would think that this is perfect for our family and this tablescape. The L being the first letter of our last name and the fact that we all love lemon tarts and that its YELLOW! Hello! Could life be any more perfect!?

Another installment of Thursday Tablescapes with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch. This week I've chosen to create a tablescape using my green and white dishware with an asian flare. I've thrown in some lovely yellow to compliment the colors. Click --->HERE<--- to see an album with larger versions of the images. I hope you all have a fabulous Thursday!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heaven Sent Layout

Featuring the newest addition to our big family... our great niece Anna Claire. Everything on this layout is from Shabby Miss Jenn's Shabby Babies kit.

Welcome Anna Claire!

Natalie, Brett and Riley have a new addition to the family. The long awaited arrival of their sweet baby girl Anna Claire. She was born at 10:20 AM on Saturday, February 21, 2009. She weighed seven pounds nine ounces and was twenty inches long. She's a healthy little girl with a very good appetite. She's got dark hair and a round face like her Daddy, she looks a lot like Riley and has her Mama's pretty pink rosebud mouth. Welcome to the family Anna Claire!

Playing and Learning

Our sweet boys Alex and Elijah are a joy to watch when they're playing together. They're learning how to share and playing very nicely together. When they slept over on Saturday night it was so much fun watching them interacting with one another. They're such good boys!

VDay Layouts

Using photos from Kali's Valentine's Day Tea Party I created these two layouts. I have loads of photos and I'll be working on layouts for weeks! Enjoy! Click on my Shabby Miss Jenn Gallery link on the right side bar to see larger versions of the layouts! Have a wonderful day!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Saturday Night Guests

Our little guests arrived on Saturday afternoon around 1:30 and shortly after we went to town with Pop. While Pop was taking care of his business I noticed it was time for Alex and Eli's afternoon snack, off we went to Sonic to get some yummy ice cream. They really loved it, when we got home they had strawberries and blueberries too. The boys napped and when they woke up we noticed that little Eli was a little bit warm, he was definately running fever, we gave him meds and he was better in no time. Those darn ears are giving the boys trouble again, despite them being on antibiotics and having ear drops several times a day to keep their ears clear and draining. The tubes sometimes do get blocked and it will cause problems. I cooked a little smothered chicken and gravy with carrots and the boys really enjoyed it all, they ate a big bowl of it. Granny came over to visit for a few hours and played with the boys and ate supper with us too. After playing for a while we put the boys down to bed and they were asleep in no time. Later in the night, around 11:45 Eli woke up and he was burning up again, Pop and Alexa gave him more meds and we put a cool cloth on his head to draw out the heat, he was feeling so bad, he drifted in and out of sleep for until around 1AM when the fever broke and he went down for the night. Alex also woke up in the middle of all that but only because he needed his pacifier. The boys woke up around 6:15 for and they played til 7 when they ate their oatmeal and mashed banana. Eli didn't run fever again before leaving. Their daddy came over to see them before leaving to go see some goats with Kip. Around 10 they left with their mom to go home. Even though little Eli wasn't feeling up to par he was still one happy little boy. Alex had us laughing with his 'moooo' imitation and pointing at everything. Makes us sad every time the boys leave us though... til next time, we're so glad there are next times in store for us!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valentine's Day Tea Party for Kali

Kali and five of her cousins and friends had a wonderful tea party on Valentine's Day at Kali and her mom Krista's house. They were just adorable and enjoyed every minute of it. Her cousins Ella and Kayla were there, as well as friends Gabby, Claire and Riley. Click on the photo of Kali above and you will be able to see our whole photo gallery of the event. Enjoy!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Student of the Week

Kali on the playground, she loves playing with her friends out there!
In front of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament's home which is located behind the school. St. Edward Church Parish and School were established in 1917 by Mother Katharine Drexel, with the school not opening until November 18, 1918 due to an influenza epidemic in the community. At the time the school opened, it was staffed entirely with Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament, the religious order founded by Mother Katharine.
Mother Katharine would later be canonized on Sunday, October 1, 2000 by Pope John Paul II, making her second native born American to be recognized as such.
Kali with her friend Jackson going to the playground after lunch.

Some of Kali's art work which is displayed in the hall outside of her classroom.

Leading the class in the cafeteria for lunch. What a happy girl!

Thursday was pajama day at SES and Kali was adorable in her pink princess pjs! Here she is on the way to lunch.

After lunch Kali leads the group back to her classroom to put on coats to go to the playground.

Kali in the lunchroom. Every day she chooses chocolate milk and loves the homemade bread!

A little display board for the Student of the Week tells all about Kali and her favorite things, shows photos of her with her family and doing her favorite activities.

Kali with Emily, they're heading out to the playground before naptime!

Kali is Student of the Week this week in her class, she gets to be the leader when the class goes to lunch, the cafeteria, the playground and Mass this week at school. I went to school and had lunch with her on Monday and Thursday, her Godmother Alexa went on Tuesday and her "Zachy" went on Wednesday. She's having a wonderful time sharing about her favorite things this week and sharing photos of her from the time she was born until now. She also brought her favorite book to school which Aunt Stephanie had made for her as a special Christmas Gift. It is all about Kali and her Daddy and how much he loved Christmas, it shows lots of photos of her with him for each Christmas she had with him. Its very special to her and she enjoyed sharing it with her friends. These are some of the photos I took when I was having lunch with her and a few on the playground and with friends.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Online Albums Prior to 2009

Are no longer on the web. If you try to view them you will receive an error message. I am uploading new albums soon and will post on my blog when I do. Thanks!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Shabby Babies at Shabby Miss Jenn Designs!

You can find the best baby scrapbook kit at ShabbyMissJennDesigns right now! She just finished a super boy/girl kit and its in store now. Along with fabulous Albums, Shower Printables, Sweet Treat Hybrid kits and MORE! These are layouts I created using the kit! You can see larger versions and more layouts with this fabulous kit in my SMJD Gallery here: My Gallery @ SMJD