Monday, September 27, 2010

A little rowdy… and a whole lot of cute!

After naptime the boys allowed me to snap some photos of them with Nanny Erica and a few on their own. They’re just too cute in their cowboy hats and boots. Enjoy!

Cowboy Alex-001 Cowboy Alex Scott smiling big for the camera, thats my cutie patootie cowboy!

Cowboy Eli-002Cowboy Elijah James grinnin’ for his Lolli, gotta love that precious smile and how it brings out the dimple!!

DSCF7066-011 Alex and Elijah with Nanny.

DSCF7071-014 Alex and Nanny Eri.

DSCF7079-021 Elijah and Nanny Eri.

DSCF7070-013 Riding off into the patio!


A little stink eye from Eli James, he was really all about going to play in his boots and hat and wasn’t so into the picture taking, thank goodness he changed his mind… and Nanny was able to convince him to participate! Have a dandy day… from Cowboy Alex and Eli!

Littlest Rodeo Guests

When Alex and Elijah went to the Sugarcane Festival Cattle show at the Sugarena this past weekend they really admired the hats and boots everyone was and hats

So this morning the three of us went to town before lunch, we made our way over to Gulotta’s and found boots and hats for each of them. Afterward we went to Duffy’s and met up with Pop and Davey and a little bit later Claire and some of her co-workers joined us there. They were excited to show Pop, Davey and Claire their boots and hats. Once we got home the boys went down for naps together.


Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ready for Mass

Kali and Ella got ready for Mass this morning together at our house. They chose pretty smocked dresses from Kali’s closet at Lolli’s house. Ella wore a sweet little brown and white gingham with a fall theme. Pumpkins on the collar and a sweet little scarecrow in her bow. Kali wore a pink smocked dress with black and white poodles around the collar and a white poodle in her pretty pink bow. The girls looked fabulous and allowed me to capture a few photos before they left.

 DSCF7048-002 DSCF7052-006 DSCF7053-007

And here’s a silly photo for the road! Those girls can be so goofy sometimes!

DSCF7049-003 Have a happy Sunday!

Tinkerbell Movie and Art Project


After Kali and Ella settled into their fairy costumes they had a little movie time in the girl’s upstairs den.

DSCF7024-002  After the movie the girls went out on the patio to paint their Tinkerbell sun catchers.

 DSCF7033-004 DSCF7036-005 DSCF7038-006 DSCF7041-008

The girls hung them on the patio window after they were done and admired them all afternoon!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Movie Night: Tinkerbell

DSCF6994-004 Kali invited her cousin Ella over for movie night tonight, we’ll be watching “Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue”.


I found an adorable little Tinkerbell suitcase to display their goodies.


We’ve got a couple of cute fairy princess costumes for the girls to wear while they play before the movie and Tinkerbell pajamas for the girls to wear while watching the movie.

DSCF7017-022I found a sweet little pair of Tink flip flops for each of them and tucked them along with a light up fairy wand for movie time.

DSCF7001-009 I’ve got some treats and fun activities planned for the girls including color pages, poster painting and the girls each have a Tinkerbell sun catcher to paint.

DSCF6996-005 DSCF6991-001 DSCF6992-002 We have one of Kali’s favorite movie treats… “Sour Patch Kids'” and buttery movie style popcorn.


We’re sure to have a fun night. We’ll be sharing more photos later!

DSCF7006-012 Kali’s excited and waiting for Ella to come over and for their Tinkerbell adventure to begin! Kali started her afternoon at our house with activities in her new Disney Tinkerbell magazine. It kept her busy for over an hour and she loved it, its a really nice book filled with coloring pages, thinking skills games and loads of activities and stories.


Stay tuned….

Randal’s Runners

This morning Kali, Alex & Eli participated in the Acadiana Memory Walk with their parents and cousins at the Zoo of Acadiana. They were part of the Randal’s Runners in memory of Randal Dore, our dear friend and Kali’s paternal grandfather. Here are a few photo highlights of the event.

IMG_0778-002 IMG_0779-003 IMG_0781-005 IMG_0782-006 IMG_0784-008 Pawpaw Randal’s loving light was shining down on Kali today at the walk. I love this photo of her.


Go to to join in the support of Alzheimer research! Thanks!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Star Student of the Week

Kali is the Star Student of the week in Mrs. Fruge’s class. She loves school and she’s got a super attitude about school. She’s bringing treats to the share with her class today… a cookie cake, ‘star’burst candy and bottled water for her classmates. Its also Sugarcane Festival weekend here in New Iberia, so we used a sugarcane and farmer’s theme for the water bottle wraps and treat toppers. I’ve used Mary Fran’s adorable digital scrapbooking kit “Giddyup”. You can go to Mary Fran’s store by clicking HERE.

 DSCF6984-009DSCF6986-011 DSCF6985-010

Monday, September 20, 2010

Today’s Luncheon

I had a sweet friend over… we’ve been friends since I moved to Coteau in the 5th grade. It was so great seeing her again, we had a little lunch and visited. Remembering days gone by and laughing about how our lives took twists and turns to get us to where we are now… a place where we’re both happy with life and loving every minute of it! Suzanne, it was totally enjoyable spending time with you and I really look forward to spending more time catching up and enjoying your company!

DSCF6964-001 DSCF6965-002

Setting the table for two with my little green dishes turned out pretty sweet, I adore the accessories that my friend Janey gave me last year to go with this tablescape, they really do add the perfect touch! DSCF6966-003 DSCF6968-004

I used napkins to create a huge white rose with green leaves in the salad bowls, I love how these came out! DSCF6969-005 DSCF6971-006 Our little lunch for two included a lovely salad and chicken salad sandwiches on croissants with freshly squeezed lemonade, we were too full to eat the brownies after though!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pleasure filled chore…

Ironing cloth napkins has never felt like a chore for me, its a nice reminder of a meal shared with friends this time around. Its especially nice since I love my laundry room, its spacious and has a very nice view of the front lawn.


Two of my photographic society friends came over for a visit this week and it was a joy to catch up with them and share a meal. I made a little chicken salad which I served on croissants with fresh, sweet cantaloupe as a side dish. We had scrumptious cheesecake brownies for dessert. The meal was as heartwarming as the time shared with friends.


Our time together was sweet, I showed them the new house and we talked about what’s been going on with them too. Thanks Debbie and Claudia for the enjoyable lunchtime visit. We need to do it again soon!


I really love lavender scented linen spray and used it on my white cotton napkins after laundering them this morning.


Thanks Debbie for the adorable pineapple decoration, I can envision this on the patio with some new patio furniture in the near future! I appreciate your thoughtfulness! Its a sweet reminder of a lovely lunch with friends!


I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday!