Friday, October 23, 2009

Glenmora Flea Marketing

After leaving the 7 mile garage sale we drove up to Glenmora, Louisiana which is about 20 miles south of Alexandria. Its a pretty little city with lovely flea market stores on the main street. Here are some photos I shot in around around Glenmora.

DSC02898-007 DSC02897-006

Our mother taught us never to go on a road trip without snacks and drinks, so with this family tradition I made sure our back seat guests never wanted for anything. We all enjoyed the snacks and drinks!

DSC02921-025 DSC02901-009

There were two lovely fountains on the main street where the antique and flea market stores were located on the boulevard.DSC02914-018 DSC02915-019 DSC02916-020

There are lots of people who make headboards with old mantles. This is the firs time I see them take a waterbed headboard and make a mantle! Some people are so creative! We were looking for a headboard and got a few ideas here on how we could make one for Erica’s bedroom!

DSC02920-024 DSC02903-010

Someone very creative thought to take all sorts of old buttons, earrings and broaches and make this adorable Christmas decoration.

DSC02905-011 The little TomTom navigation system told us to turn around a whole bunch of times, wanting us to go on up to Alexandria instead of taking back roads up to Glenmora through Turkey Creek, Dave said he would have done better with this mounted on the dashboard of his truck than the TomTom. DSC02908-013

A Better sign we could never have found!  I had a great time with my baby sister shopping and perusing these stores! She’s just way too much fun!DSC02907-012DSC02909-014

Found that pretty little jadite refrigerator box, but it was pricy… there was an extra lid on top and just the lid was $20. I heart the cranberry glass on the right at the bottom. Another set that i just love but there were only six glasses. They were in mint condition, not a scratch anywhere on them.


I adored this little blue and white tea cup, I would have purchased it, but that would have started a whole new collection and you know we can’t have that!  I could never pass up any opportunity to make the baby sister put on a hat and pose … so cooperative and isn’t she lovely, the hat matched her pretty red shirt! You can read her wonderful and entertaining blog here: Under The Cajun Sun.DSC02919-023

I look forward to our next flea marketing and antiquing adventure, I tried to talk Dee into going somewhere today but she has too much to do in preparation for the swim meet this weekend that her kiddos will be participating in.


Amy said...

I love the hat!

jmac said...

Fun Stuff!! I've thought about you so much today...and even your sister, too! I took off this morning and went to Tyler, Chandler, Athens, Malakoff and now in Corsciana TX!! Spending the night here hitting the flea markets again in the morning.
I've seen so many things I think you would addictions are worse on me than my own are!!!

Katy said...

Janey, I'm going to need directions and names of these places so my sister and I can go antiquing up in your neck of the woods too!

jmac said...

Crawbaby is gonna die when she sees that old jewelry art project...julie made one for her and it accidentally got thrown away AT MY HOUSE....she was sick, sick I tell ya....

OH...visited Winnie & Tallulahs today...will tell ya all about it.

Anonymous said...

Katy, this is Patricia Thompson, I work with Claire. Where did you find the red glasses in the photo. I have a set from my mom that she gave me (they are probably 50 years old). I would love to add to this set. Thanks.