Monday, March 1, 2010

Train ride for Kali and Ian

Kali and Ian went on their first train ride from New Iberia to New Orleans with cousins Riley and Kayla. Krista and Natalie had a fun time bringing them on this trip and planned a fun day in New Orleans for the following day.

Here’s a photo of Kali and Ian the night before leaving for their trip at home with a box of goodies and pjs I made for them to bring on their trip.



Here they all are ready and waiting for the train to arrive at the station in New Iberia.


Kali and Kayla enjoyed the train ride a whole lot.


Ian and Kali in the dining car, it was so cool to them that the train had two floors, they rode on the top floor and went down to the salon and the dining cars in the lower level.


Here’s another photo of Kali on the train.


Here they are at the station in New Orleans waiting for Zach and Bret to pick them up.


I made Ian and Kali each a pair of special engineer striped pajama pants with matching monogrammed tee shirt for their overnight stay in New Orleans, they really enjoyed them.


DSC05982-064 DSC05976-058 DSC05977-059  The next day they went to breakfast at Cafe du Monde and then went to an Insectarium. Everyone had a great time on their trip.

 DSC05985-067 DSC05988-068 DSC05999-079DSC05998-078 Kali loved examining the butterflies.

DSC06034-111 DSC06009-088 DSC06010-089

Kali having a snack at the cafe and the next photo is of Kali and Ian in a pirogue.DSC06013-092

Next they toured around the city for a bit and posed in front of the fountain at the Mississippi River Front.

DSC06046-123 DSC06036-113 On the way home Kali and Ian got to go on the Nature Trail in Morgan City.

DSC06050-126 DSC06059-134

Kali picked a few wild flowers for her mama at the end of the afternoon and Krista took a lovely photo of them with Kali’s smiling face in the background. Looks like Krista learned a little something from mama. ;)

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