Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pink & Yellow Mood

Today I’m in a pink and yellow mood, have been for a while now, saw this color combination on a blog and decided I wanted to make a little setup of my own in these colors. Super 1 in town had some pretty pink roses and I found the yellow flowers at Walmart and headed home with my pink and yellow candies in tow to put it all together.

  DSCF4056-001 DSCF4058-003    DSCF4062-007DSCF4060-005 DSCF4063-008DSCF4059-004 DSCF4065-009DSCF4061-006 DSCF4057-002DSCF4067-011DSCF4066-010


jmac said...

Love it~!!!!!! and love your new banner too!
That wouldn't be some kind of bacon candy in that pic, would it?
I'm going to buy some flowers today....I need some of that beauty around here!!

Ms. Elaine said...

Looks very spring like! Very nice.

Katy said...

The candy is lemonade flavored Xtreme Airheads, they're tart and tangy alright! The others are a mixture of Jelly Belly flavors, lemon (yellow) and cotton candy (pink) and when you eat 2 pink and one yellow it tastes like lemonade! The yellow ones are lemonheads and our family LOVES them all!