Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Little Swimmers

I got the little swimmers in my life new bathing suits. They’re going into their Easter baskets as an extra special surprise. We almost always buy the kids new suits around Easter time in anticipation of summer and going to the beach as a family!~

DSCF4068-012 Kali’s monogrammed two piece suit has a sweet little ruffled top.

DSCF4071-015 Alex’s trunks are aqua and white stripes with a kelly green “A” on them.


Eli’s are green and white stripe with a pretty aqua blue “E” on them.


They’re going to be extra cute at the beach in these suits!


jmac said...

precious!! did you make those?
you are really getting into this sewing, eh??

Shabby Miss Jenn said...

Those are PURE DELIGHT! I love those!

Katy said...

Nope, found them on Kelly's Kids site. They're very cute, pricy... but now that I have them, I have a pattern too! hahaha, I'm going to make more I'm sure!