Saturday, March 20, 2010

A New Kind of Ride

The boys took their first ride in the new house with Pop and Claire. On the way up Eli pushed the button for the 2nd floor and it was Alex’s turn when they were coming down. Its going to be really easy to move the girls upstairs when we finally move into our new home.

DSC06277-003 The control in the hall is covered up so that the finish doesn’t get paint on it at the moment but the elevator is in working order. Its quiet and definitely fast enough for me, its also very roomy.

 DSC06275-001 Here they are on their first elevator ride in the new house.

DSC06282-008 DSC06278-004  DSC06280-006DSC06279-005 DSC06281-007


jmac said...

I'm lovin' it that Pops is as dirty or dirtier than the little boys!!!
and me thinks you better have a lock on that thing...those lil boys will be up and down, up and down....all day long!!!!!
Verah cool....!

Anonymous said...

oh wow yall have moved in already!!! I had no idea! Man it seems like it up so fast!