Friday, March 19, 2010

Dump Truck Boys

The boys have a fascination for all types of trucks, actually anything with wheels. On Sunday Pop got them a fun dump truck to play with out in the yard. Alex and Eli took turns playing with it so very nicely, they especially loved pushing it up the hill the new house is being built on and in the sand pile.  DSCF3993-002DSCF4013-022 DSCF3994-003 DSCF3995-004 DSCF3996-005 DSCF3997-006 DSCF3998-007 DSCF4005-014 DSCF4008-017 DSCF4009-018 DSCF4010-019 DSCF4011-020 DSCF4012-021

1 comment:

jmac said... adorable. Reminds me of my boys at that age SO MUCH!!

me thinks pops might spoil those boys just a tad!!!!! Heheh!