Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Saturday Morning with the Twins

Alex and Eli came over to spend a few hours with me on Saturday morning. When they arrived they had a little fruit and juice snack and watched their favorite Disney morning program, Handy Manny.

DSCF3635-004 DSCF3632-001 DSCF3633-002 DSCF3634-003

After that they colored some coloring pages for their Mama and Papa.

DSCF3653-022 DSCF3645-014 DSCF3646-015 DSCF3647-016 DSCF3648-017 DSCF3649-018 DSCF3650-019 DSCF3651-020 DSCF3652-021

Then they had their naptime milk sitting on Pop and watched a Gilligan’s Island show. We had a fun and relaxing morning, the boys are such good little boys, its always a pleasure to have them over.

 DSCF3655-024 DSCF3656-025

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