Sunday, March 14, 2010

A little more antiquing…

This week I really had a fun time with my junkin’ buddies! We hit pay dirt at quite a few of our regular hot spots and ventured up to Washinton on Friday to make a day of it. My friend came down from North Louisiana to meet me and we had a blast all the way til supper time that we shared at The Steamboat Restaurant that night. Fun times, lots of laughs and fabulous finds! You can read about her adventure here:  The Crazy Cruisin’ Chick Constantly Chattering!

One of my very favorite finds of the day was some little bowls to go with my Pink and White Pyrex Gooseberry set of bowls and dishes. I came across these dishes online just this week and blogged about them here: Pink and White and was so hoping to find some for my very own self! As luck would have it they were perched on a shelf with that pretty pink casserole dish that is in the photo behind it and on my very next stop at Crossroads in Opelousas I found yet another casserole, this one was also in super condition.


I also received some fabulous treasure gifts from my friend and she also brought along a present for my baby sister. I’m going to have to get over to her house soon to give it to her! Its just perfect for her!!

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Virginia said...

I love looking at two different sets of photos of the same thing. You and J should do this more often!