Monday, March 8, 2010

Pink & White

I’m definitely a pink kind of girl and when I found my Pyrex Gooseberry Pink and white mixing bowls, tumblers, berry bowls and dessert plates I just knew they were the perfect thing for me to collect. I stumbled upon Pink Crinoline Hazel Atlas dishware on a blog today and fell in love once again. They are the perfect dishes to compliment the pink and white Pyrex collection of mine. Here’s a collage of the pretty stuff!

Pink & White Pink GlasswareI’m hunting for the white on pink 1.5 quart mixing bowl, the second to smallest of the set. I have the pink 4 quart bowl, the white 2.5 quart and 1 quart bowls. I also found eight each of the  juice tumblers, dessert plates and berry bowls . I can’t wait to find some of the Pink Crinoline Hazel Atlas plates!


jmac said...

Wow! Is all that pink stuff yours???? where did you find it all? and which ones are you still looking for again....the clear or the pink?

Katy said...

I've got some of the pyrex dishware, the glasses I already have, the things I'm looking for are the pink and white ruffled looking plates and dishes. Aren't they just adorable?! Lemme know if and when you find any of them!!