Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Trade Off

Davey’s wanted a four wheeler for a while, he and his lovely wife made a little trade off so he could get it for him and the boys to ride around on. Davey was letting his hair grow, it was getting unruly and Claire really likes it short, very short.

Davey Hair

So he shaved his head and Claire gave her blessing for the new four wheeler.


I’m pretty sure he thinks the trade off was totally worth it, he and the boys are enjoying their new toy.

DSCF4043-001 DSCF4044-002 DSCF4045-003 DSCF4046-004 DSCF4047-005 DSCF4049-006 DSCF4052-009 DSCF4053-010 Kali and Ian hop on too and have a ride with Uncle Davey. Kali especially thinks its a cool ride!

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