Sunday, March 28, 2010

New Horizons Yesterday

Cesna182 four passenger plane  we took from Abbeville to Marksville.DSC06316-002 Yesterday I had the pleasure of going flying with Dave and his pilot trainer. Dave did a great job of handling the plane, it was a little windy and there were clouds in the sky, but he maneuvered through them to take us up to 4500 feet where the ride was very smooth.


We went from the Abbeville airport up to the Marksville air strip. Once we landed there was transportation to the casino driving up, we hopped in and had lunch at the casino before flying back to Abbeville. Here are a few photo highlight from our trip.

Our Property

Our Property 2

I really was comfortable in the back seat of this plane. The visibility was great and I was able to recognize a lot of places from the air.

 DSC06340-026 DSC06341-027

NO cramping up at all in the back row, lots of leg room.


Lake Peigneur in the middle of the photo.


on the lower left you can see the Cajun dome here, with Cajun Field in the lower left corner.


I love shopping in Washington at the Antique Schoolhouse Mall in Washington, its just off of HWY 49.



Inside the cockpit of the plane.


Dave and Raja doing the preflight check when we were leaving Marksville after our yummy lunch.


Captain Dave in the air over Opelousas.


We were over HWY 14 here, and this is a shot of the Delcambre Canal.

We had a fantastic and relaxing flight from Marksville back to Abbeville. It was smooth flying all the way.

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jmac said...

This is so funny.....that was the route of our first flight together too!!! We flew from vivian to Marksville for our youngest son's golf match. You know when you landed in m'ville, you flew right over the golf course? My son was on the green as we came over and he just rolled his eyes when everyone was talking about that plane looking like it was gonna land ON the course! He said he just dipped his head and said....That's my mom and dad...just ignore them and they might go away!!! hahahahahahahha!!
Glad ya'll had fun!