Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wonderful Sunday

Of course it included yummy fried chicken and shrimp that my son cooked and sweet times with our children and our favorite little people. Here’s a few of the kids after they woke up and had breakfast, they’re eating grapes together on the sofa.

 DSCF3132-001 DSCF3137-004DSCF3134-003

DSCF3142-007 DSCF3143-008 DSCF3145-010

A little Handy Manny on the TV, sharing grapes and being cheesy for Lolli was the order of the morning!


Deborah said...

Oh my goodness, Alex and Eli are getting so big! they're not babies any more they're little boys now!!

Your Favorite Sister's Favorite Daughter. aka Jess

Anonymous said...

Jessica don't say that :) I am not ready for them to be little boys! I want them to stay just like that are now forever!!!