Sunday, January 24, 2010

Valentine’s Day Dishes


I am a sucker for Valentine’s day anything so earlier this week when I was shopping at Marshalls I found two little cream colored bowls, just the perfect size for a special snack with my honey, they were  a whole $1.99 so I confidently picked them up and knew I’d find the perfect plates to go with them. Yesterday was that day! Dave and I went to Lafayette with Erica to shop at Albarado’s for a recliner for him to match the living room furniture we’re getting for the new house, we also went to a few of our favorite stores. At T.J. Maxx I found exactly what I was looking for to go with the cream colored bowls and they were all of $3.99. Goodness how lucky can a girl be!? I can imagine a whole table with these lovely little dishes as the focal point! I hope everyone has a super weekend!

 DSCF2935-003DSCF2937-005 DSCF2936-004 DSCF2938-006


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