Tuesday, January 26, 2010

At The Barn

After putting on their mud boots on Sunday morning Alex and Eli went to the barn with Pop and their daddy that they call Poppa. They greeted the mud with a whole lot of excitement and started petting the animals almost immediately. They were into everything, it was so cool to watch and capture images of them with my camera, so I’ll share a few shots here today.


Heading out to the barn with Poppa and Pop


Pop helps Eli through some muddy water while Alex heads to see the goats.


Eli and Alex love petting the goats and they’re so tame and nice to them.


Alex thinks these goats are funny when they eat their feed. They make funny noises and smack!


Alex watches while Eli tries opening the dog’s kennel so they can come out and play.


Alex decides to catch a pig! He followed him all around the barn yard but never caught him!


The boys watch with Pop while Poppa cleans the hooves of the goats. Being out at the barn with the big guys is so much fun for the little boys!

Oh and one other little thing… see the boy’s jackets? Uh huh, Who Dat? Who Dat say they’re gonna beat them Saints? Who Dat?

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