Saturday, January 23, 2010

Story Time with the Twins

This past Thursday I took Alex and Eli to the library for story time. The theme was penguins, they listened to three stories, participated in a song with hand motions, had a little math lesson on the felt board and watched a movie all about penguins. Afterward they made a penguin with a pretty cap and scarf with the rest of the children. They were so very well behaved and sweet, they shared the glue for the project nicely and both got star stickers and penguin color pages after the movie. Here are a few photos of the little guys before we left and a few with their penguin crafts in the car before I took them to Maw’s for naptime.

DSCF2927-012 DSCF2902-004 DSCF2905-005 DSCF2922-007 DSCF2923-008 DSCF2924-009 DSCF2925-010 DSCF2926-011

I’m so proud of our little sweeties! They’re such good boys!

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