Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year’s Eve Fun!

Here are a few photos from our fun last night with the little lovies!


Alex gives Pop a knuckle sandwich and giggles the whole time!DSCF2202-001

A quiet moment between Eli and Pop, he’s just getting his second wind!


All three of them love snuggling and playing with Pop on his comfy chair. Here’s our beautiful girl Kali with Pop!


Eli gazing up at the Christmas tree.DSCF2204-002

Alex checking out the ornaments, he loves the shiny keys!DSCF2206-003

Alex telling us all … Ho, Ho, Ho… thats what Santa says!


Alex and Eli checking out the layouts for their scrapbook that Mrs. Claus brought the boys for New Year’s eve. Its a tradition that I give them the layouts I create for them on this special night to commemorate the year gone by and to cherish the memories.DSCF2208-005

Eli playing rock, scissor, paper with Kali and Pop. He doesn’t really get the game but he sure has fun and laughing with them! DSCF2212-006

Alex checks out the Tigger movie and he brings it home to watch it in the morning!


Kali smiles for the camera before heading over to Riley’s house to watch the fireworks and hang out with her friends tonight. DSCF2222-009

Kali wants YOU to have a safe and happy New Year!

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