Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Ring

The other day when I  posted photos of Erica’s ring ceremony I didn’t have a close up to share on my blog, I’ve rectified this situation and now have a few to share. All three of our girls have chosen non traditional graduation rings that they will wear all of their lives. When it was time for our son to get a graduation ring, he opted for a new Benelli rifle, he still uses it often and said he’ll be happy to hand it down to one of his sons one day, its a good thing we got him another gun for his engagement gift since he’s got two sons to share with. Did they make the right choices? For each of them, I do think so!

DSCF2931-021 Her birthday is in October so she chose her birthstone in an emerald cut surrounded by little diamonds that also went down the band in a beautiful antique style setting. I think she made a lovely choice.



Janie's World said...

Stunningly beautiful ring. Is this one you can chose from the school? We have a company that comes in and you pick from their catalog. We don't have ring presentation ceremonies either, that would make it so special. Two of my daughters didn't even want a class ring. If they thought they could have a ring like this, they would be ecstatic!

Katy said...

Janie, Erica opted for a non traditional ring to celebrate graduation, as did both of her older sisters. We're happy that they did because we know these are rings they will wear their entire lives.