Sunday, January 17, 2010

House Update: Trim, Interior Doors and Closet Customization!

Here’s an update on the house, the carpenters have trimmed all the windows and have all but two of the twenty-eight interior doors installed. They’re working on the customized shelving and hanging in the closets this week, they started on Erica’s closet and I have a little preview of that here. Everything is white here, as we move forward with the painting you’ll see that nothing in our home is white, not the walls, trim, doors or cabinetry. how different it will all look as my vision for our new home unfolds.

DSCF2876-010 DSCF2875-009

We’re going to have two sets of shelves above the hanging sections in each of the bedroom closets for extra storage. Here’s a little of the trim work in the house around the windows and doors and also the crown moldings.

DSCF2880-014 DSCF2863-001  DSCF2866-004 DSCF2872_1-007 DSCF2873_1-008 DSCF2877-011 Here are a few of the 8 foot doors that they installed this week too. I love the feel and look of these solid raised panel doors.

DSCF2878-012 DSCF2865-003 DSCF2867-005 DSCF2868-006 

Our painters are coming back tomorrow to begin painting cabinets and closet units, as well as the closet shelving and hanging sections. They’re coming in right on the heels of the carpenters and trying to get everything painted in a timely manner so that we can move on with the installation of the flooring, granite, appliances and plumbing fixtures, tubs and sinks. The elevator will be installed late this week and Dave got the gas and sewer lines along with the electrical lines run from the road to the house. We’re moving along at a nice pace and its wonderful to see steady progress on our new home. I’ll be getting together with the cabinet shop this week to deliver the kitchen plan and go over it with them as they begin this next phase of cabinet construction. The kitchen and master vanity are next, then we’ll concentrate on the living room book shelf, niches and cabinetry by the front entry door in the foyer. The trim carpenters are doing a wonderful job and I’m so lucky to have them working on our house, their master craftsman skills are above and beyond my expectations and their work is proof of their dedication to the beauty of the wood working craft.

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