Monday, January 4, 2010

01.04.10 House Update!

I went in and took a few photos to share in the house this afternoon. There were two carpenters working on trim today, when I went into the house to take these photos the two of them were getting ready to install crown molding in the kitchen, they didn’t know that the cabinetry goes all the way to the ten foot ceiling and 'almost made a big boo boo, it would have all had to be taken down on the cabinet walls, lucky I decided to take a stroll through the house to take pics!


Above all of the toilets in the house I had the cabinet builders build these. They will be great for extra storage! DSCF2259-008

This unit above is located between the master shower and the water closet in the master bath. We’ll have granite installed here and Dave will be able to charge his phone here and put his change and the contents of his pockets here, keeping the master vanity pretty and clear of clutter! There are drawers for his underclothes so he doesn’t have to go hunting after bath to get dressed, as well as loads of storage in the above counter cabinets! Love these great big drawers! The counter height is 36 inches, perfect for my honey. DSCF2260-009 DSCF2261-010

The two pieces above are in the girl’s bathroom upstairs, the first being above the toilet storage and the one on the bottom is a nice wide cabinet that I grabbed from space in the attic above the kitchen giving the girls loads of extra storage for the two of them. DSCF2246-001

This in the last of the pieces built for the laundry room, its located above the washer/dryer area and has great big open storage shelves making it easy to reach detergent, softer and bleach when doing laundry. Everything just has to have its place and everything in its proper place to make cleaning and living easy!

Below are some pics of trim work being installed. The crown molding is just what I wanted, this is two piece molding, the 7.5” crown with a 4” enhancer below. This is being installed every where in the house but the living room and inside closets. I’ll take photos as soon as the three piece crown goes up in the living room.


This is inside my tub area in the master bath. Love how this looks.DSCF2250-003 Above the toilet in the office bathroom. The trim on the top of the cabinets are just the extra that I was looking for, my cabinet builders Keith and Ryan are super at what they do!DSCF2251-004

The office trim is just beautiful. Like icing on the cake!DSCF2253-005

This is what the corners will look like wherever we have a rounded corner in the house. I think it makes a lovely turn.DSCF2254-006

This is in my master bathroom between the tub/vanity area and the shower/water closet area.

I hope you’re having a super day!


Virginia said...

So beautiful! I'm very jealous of all your storage space.

Deborah said...

Built in storage what a beautiful thing. Time for me to start a declutter session too.

Janie's World said...

Wow and Wow!