Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Zoo Trip for the Littles

Alex, Eli and Kali went to the zoo a few weekends back and had a fun time checking out the animals and playing in the petting zoo. Their friend Riley also went to the zoo at the same time and they all went out to lunch after. DSC05499-002 DSC05500-003 DSC05506-009 DSC05518-021 DSC05520-023 DSC05521-024 DSC05524-027 DSC05525-028 DSC05527-030 DSC05529-032 DSC05530-033 DSC05531-034 DSC05534-037 DSC05535-038 DSC05536-039 DSC05537-040 DSC05540-043 DSC05541-044 DSC05543-046DSC05542-045

1 comment:

jmac said...

NOT ONE THING cuter than little boys at the zoo! Not one! Geeze, did this make me remember the days.....sniff,sniff.
Love the way the big kids help the little ones.....your family is adorable, ms. k!