Monday, February 8, 2010

Tea Party Favors

I already blogged about the little pajama gifts we’ve made, so here are a few more of the party favors. I love the pink, black and white theme we chose and I’ve used it in our wrapping paper and trim that we’ve used to decorate.

frame gift Inside this one there’s a pretty little pearl frame with a heart andthe girl’s monogram printed out and framed.

glasses Each of the girls will go home with her very own fancy glass.

beauty gift These lovely little bags hold a sparkly red headband, pink fingernail polish, bubble bath in a heart shaped dispenser and a cupcake shaped bath fizzy that’s sure to be fun!

jewelry gift This sweet little gift box holds a valentine ring and three little bracelets for each girl.

activity basket These are the girl’s craft baskets, they’ve got a pretty little stand up doll to color with markers, a candy necklace to create and a little jar for collecting sweets at the candy table. I’ve got two more little projects to complete to prepare for more crafts for the girls to do. I’ll share these with you tomorrow. Little girls love making valentine cards too, so I will have several types of materials in the baskets for them to use for that as well.

candy These inexpensive little containers holding our candy were just $1 at Walmart and in addition to being perfect for holding a collection of pretty candy for the girls, I won’t cry if one of them gets broken like I would if my crystal candy dishes were used, Each girl will have a jar with a lid to fill with their favorite treats. I tried very hard to find all pink candy, but choosing  the kind of candy little girls enjoy won out over a color palette that matched my theme. So its MnMs, Sweet Tarts and Nerds. I love making sweet little girls happy!

pj bow bag gift

The last little gift is my favorite of all, this little monogrammed bag holds the girls pajama shorts and cami. I attached boa feathers to it and made a coordinating bow to go with them. Can’t wait to see the girls in them!


Janie's World said...

Hi Katy, I'm so IMPRESSED! My middle daughter turns 21 next year and she's going to Vegas with friends. Did you use a pattern to make those bags with the monogram? If so, which one. I think those bags would be perfect for her and all her girlfriends on their trip.

jmac said...

wowzers!!!!! Can I please be invited to the next tea party?? Talk about some good stash..heheh.
Everything you're doing is are going crazy, girlfriend!!! Lucky Kali!

Janna said...

I'm with Jmac, I want to tea party with you, Girlfriend! Love Love Love all the all the treats and special details. Kali is one lucky little girl to have such a wonderful and talented Lolli!

Anonymous said...

Kayla is so excited about the party, she talks about it every day. When she see's all these goodies she will be REALLY excited.

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