Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tea Party Pics (as promised)

Here are more pics from our tea party, some of guests arriving and more of them enjoying the activities we had planned. If you plan a few crafts the kiddos will just adore doing them. They were so proud of their art work and had THE most fun creating with simple items and a little bit of glue ;) They made valentine’s day cards for their moms and dads, created flower art and colored a pretty fashion doll with markers

 DSCF3353-001 DSCF3354-002 DSCF3355-003 DSCF3356-004 DSCF3357-005 DSCF3358-006 DSCF3396-043DSCF3362-010 DSCF3364-012 DSCF3366-014 DSCF3368-016 DSCF3379-027 DSCF3381-029 DSCF3382-030  DSCF3384-032 DSCF3385-033 DSCF3386-034 DSCF3388-036 DSCF3390-037 DSCF3395-042 Here are a few of Kali’s art projects.

DSCF3481-004 DSCF3477-001 DSCF3479-002 She drew an awesome picture inside the envelope and put pretty Valentine’s day stickers on it, but it was already sealed by this point when I was taking photos, I’m going to have to get a pic of the actual card soon!

Here’s what was in the little box the girls were holding in the earlier picture. They love a little bling and got a ring and bracelets from Kali.

DSCF3480-003 Next time I’ll share photos of the girls with their pajamas I made for them and some of their other activities at the party.

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