Monday, February 8, 2010

Antiquing Last Friday

I had a really fun day antiquing with Keisha on Friday, we went up to Washington Parish first to the Old Antique School House Mall and to Nanny Belle’s Antiques. We both found fabulous goodies and had a fun time hunting for special things. Keisha totally got lucky finding three things she specifically had on her list, after I get the go ahead from her I will share about those, some are gifts and they haven’t been given yet.

Keisha fell in love with the Vintage Girl room at the Schoolhouse mall and here are a few photos of her favorite areas of the room, which happen to be most of it! She loves the shabby chic look and I’m sure she’ll be incorporating touches of this style in her house.

DSC05567-015 DSC05553-001 DSC05554-002 DSC05555-003 DSC05556-004 DSC05557-005 DSC05558-006 DSC05559-007 DSC05560-008 DSC05561-009 DSC05562-010 DSC05563-011 DSC05564-012 DSC05565-013 I found this little set of Pyrex bowls in two booths at When Pigs Fly when we got back to Lafayette in the afternoon. I got a really  great deal on all three. Now my quest is to find the other peachy pink second smallest mixing bowl to complete the set. I found the dessert plates and berry bowls in another booth at the same flea market and the juice glasses in yet another booth. It makes sense to take note of pattern and things that catch your eye for this very reason, had all of these items been sold together I probably wouldn’t have paid the price they would have wanted, but separately I got darn good deals!DSC05582-024 DSC05579-021 DSC05580-022 DSC05581-023 These two lovely aqua glasses will go nicely with several of my dishware sets and I can’t wait to move into the house and take all of those little sets of two that I’ve purchased for romantic little meals with Dave.

DSC05583-025 This last set of dishes are very near and dear to my heart. I’ve long admired them on Susan at "Between Naps on the Porch” blog and was determined to find some to add to my collection. They’re just lovely and will be so pretty in the new house. The lovely soft rose color and the beautiful flower pattern is delightful. I found four dinner plates, four soup bowls, and a couple of dessert and fruit bowls. I hope to add to this collection in time. Its going to be very fun to mix these with another set of dishware by the same company in light teal with a pretty gardenia. I’ll add a photo of those dishes to the bottom of the set.   DSC05587-027 DSC05588-028 DSC05589-029


Can you imagine how pretty the table with the soft blues and roses will be?! I can only imagine!

This next little item is going on the project list for Keisha and me, we will likely be making some pretty aprons very soon, we were so inspired by this lovely one at the Schoolhouse mall.


The last little find was adorable, sitting on a shelf all alone like it was waiting for me. ;) Well I thought it was an adorable Mardi Gras cup and saucer so I picked it up for just a few bucks! Now it sits in my kitchen just as cute as can be!

DSC05578-020 DSC05571-019 Its a little mix/matched, but that’s just fine by me, cute as can be none the less! I hope you all have happy hunting in your antiquing journeys just as I have had, I’m looking forward to more trips to the antique stores! Happy Mardi Gras weekend to all of you!!


jmac said...

Ok. That's it. I'm coming. YOu've got to send me directions to that schoolhouse place. I've scoured this area looking for a long, skinny table. Exactly like the one in the pic with all the pink.
OMG........that place looks absolutlely amazing. I've gotta go. Now.

Sara Joy said...

Hi Katy! Are those floral dishes (the ones with the rose and then the gardenia) by Noritake? They look very similar to the china I inherited from my Grandma.

Posts like this make me drool- how I LOVE LOVE LOVE dishware and antiques!!

Katy said...

Want me to call and see how much that table is... we'll be going back there soon, I can always pick it up for ya! ~K ...lemmeneaux!

jmac said...

Yes Yes Yes!!! please?? and also that shutter shelf...with the iron brackets....