Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ice Cream and Toast for Breakfast?

When the little ones woke up this morning they asked for ice cream and toast. Well knowing what they were really asking for made it a fast yes from me.  ;) They adore vanilla and strawberry ‘ice cream’ and had it with their toast and juice this morning.

DSCF3215-001 After eating their ice cream they watched a little Disney morning television, the boys love the Mickey Mouse show and Handy Manny.

 DSCF3219-004 DSCF3220-005 DSCF3221-006DSCF3224-009  DSCF3223-008DSCF3222-007

We’ve got a yummy snack for game time, we just love Meche’s King Cakes, they’re the very best in New Iberia. Its decorated in honor of our beloved ‘Saint’s’ football team and them playing in the Super Bowl game in Miami tonight. More photos of these sweet kiddos later!

 DSCF3217-002 DSCF3218-003

Its a Who Dat? kind of day today!

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jmac said...

Man, oh man.........I would KILL for a piece of that cake!!
Your posts today have been wonderful!! Love all the tea party ideas!