Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Antiquing in Breaux Bridge (last Saturday)

Here are a few more photos from our trip to Breaux Bridge when we went to pick up Erica’s bed. We had lunch at Cafe des Ami and it was scrumptious. Here are Dave, Kali and Erica having something to drink while waiting for a table.

DSC05915-042          Bayou Town Flea Market where we got Erica’s bed.DSC05896-024

This is one yummy restaurant in downtown Breaux Bridge, if you’re ever in the area you really should give it a try. Everything is delicious.DSC05854-001DSC05857-002

Dave, Kali and Erica at the restaurant bar, Kali thought it was so cool that she could get her lemonade there too!DSC05858-003

My handsome Dave enjoying a drink at the bar before our meal.DSC05859-004

Erica had a great day, got a lovely bed we’re refinishing and enjoyed a great lunch with the family.!DSC05889-017

Kali enjoying her salad at Cafe des Ami with Pop, Lolli and Erica.DSC05880-010

Dave tried the turtle soup, he liked the flavor but said the meat was tough. Go figure, its turtle meat!DSC05891-019

Dave’s lunch was fried eggplant with crawfish au gratin on top.DSC05892-020

I had the crawfish cornbread with crawfish etouffee on top

DSC05893-021 Kali’s yummy fried shrimp dinner, she at every last bit of it!DSC05863-006

My honey and me. DSC05897-025 DSC05898-026 DSC05899-027 DSC05900-028 DSC05901-029 DSC05904-031 DSC05905-032 DSC05909-036 DSC05911-038 DSC05912-039 DSC05913-040 DSC05914-041

I shot all of these with my little Sony point and shoot camera. I sure do enjoy this lil camera.

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