Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Party Prep

Kali’s Valentine’s Day tea party was a huge hit with her friends and everyone had a wonderful time. Here’s some party planning pictures of Krista doing Kali’s hair before the party and of Kali getting things ready with me.

  DSCF3313-004 DSCF3315-006 DSCF3319-010 DSCF3352-036DSCF3320-011  DSCF3322-013 DSCF3326-014 DSCF3328-015 DSCF3330-016 DSCF3331-017 DSCF3332-018 DSCF3333-019 DSCF3334-020 DSCF3335-021 DSCF3337-022 DSCF3338-023 DSCF3339-024 DSCF3344-029 DSCF3345-030 DSCF3346-031 DSCF3348-032 DSCF3349-033 DSCF3350-034 DSCF3351-035

More tea party pictures tomorrow!

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jmac said...

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!! Been dying to see party pics!!!!