Friday, February 12, 2010


One of the benefits of Kali’s tea party being on Valentine’s Day is that the local grocery stores have an abundance of nice flowers to choose from and they’re relatively inexpensive. While I was in town this morning I picked up white, rose and pink colored roses and a few filler white flowers and some leather leaf along with a few oasis for keeping my flowers nice and hydrated. Here are a few arrangements I made for the tea party.

DSCF3296-004 DSCF3291-001 DSCF3293-002 DSCF3294-003

I mixed and matched the flowers to make a little soft girly bouquet. Two low ones for the smaller tables and three taller bouquets for the dining room table, the bombay chest at the entryway and one for the bar in the kitchen. They really add a touch of femininity to the room. So lovely and goodness they smell nice too! Just one more day until Kali and her friends celebrate Valentine’s Day with a tea party!


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Can't wait to see pics from the big party tomorrow. Is Kali just ecstatic??? She prolly won't sleep tonight!!