Thursday, February 11, 2010

Another Quick and Easy Tea Party Gift

I wanted to add a little note card set to the gifts that we’ll be giving the little girls at the tea party. They’re old enough to learn how to write thank you notes and its such an important thing to pass on to the next generation. While I was out shopping this morning I found pretty pink Sharpie markers that worked wonderfully with my color palette so I picked them up.

When I got home I designed a simple little card in Fotofusion with the girls names on each of their six cards. I printed and cut the cards, scored them and added envelopes to their sets. I tied each girl’s set together with sweet pink tulle and slipped a marker into the ribbon to finish off the gift.

The note cards are 4 x 5 inches and printed on card stock, I scored them so that my fold in them would be neat and clean looking. The envelopes are 4 3/8 x 5 3/4 inches, I bought these at Office Depot. The cards could be made with rectangles of scrapbooking paper glued to folded white card stock if you don’t have a printer and you could easily glue a strip of ribbon to them  and hand print the name on them to personalize them.

Here’s a peek at what I made, I hope you have fun crafting some too!

note cards

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