Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our Baby Girl is doing Fine!

Erica Wisdom Teeth

Erica had four wisdom teeth extracted this morning, she’s doing very well, resting comfortably in mama’s bed and the pain medicine and ice packs are doing the trick, keeping her comfortable and pain free. Here’s a shot of our sleeping princess. She was a giggler when she came out of the anesthesia, she laughed at every little thing, the more she giggled the faster her heart rate got, which made the beeping on the heart monitor which was attached to her finger … and she’d laugh even harder. We had to have the nurse turn it off so she could settle down. She spent the weekend at a Catholic Youth Retreat in Richard this weekend and was still on a spiritual high this morning, she told me that she got half way through the “Our Father” while they were administering the sleepy time meds, wasn’t sure if she was saying it out loud or not because she was nervous and just zonked out. I’m sure Our Heavenly Father was listening. She’s been very comfortable so far and is resting well. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers that she doesn’t develop dry socket, I hear that’s no fun at all! Thanks and have a super day!

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