Monday, November 2, 2009

Brick… glorious brick!

Bruce Courville from way up in Washington, Louisiana is bricking our house, he’s doing a fabulous job, he and his guys work very neatly and man do I appreciate that! He’s a talented mason who started laying bricks with his dad when he was a little six year old boy. Today he’s a master, his trim work is great and he and his crew are steadily but surely making headway in covering the outside of our home. Here’s a photo of one of the corners. As soon as they take all that scaffolding away and clean up I’ll take more photos.


Isn’t that November sky the most gorgeous blue!? The bricks still have a little lightening up to do as they dry, but I am already in love with the colors! More interior photos of the sheet rock, the guys hung 18,000 square feet of it in the house, that’s a whole lot of sheet rock!

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