Wednesday, November 11, 2009

An Evening with the Littles

Alex and Eli came over to play last night, they ended up each eating almost a whole soft taco each … after already eating earlier, they had their baths and giggled the whole time they were here. Something about that time at night that gives them the giggles and its just too cute! They played with Kali who was sleeping over because her mom has early morning clinicals. Just a few more days until she is finished with nursing school. Eli asked where his Nanny Erica was quite a few times and was so excited when she finally got home.

Here are a few photos in a collage of our favorite people!

 Alex & Kali Eli & Nanny

Alex is so very funny and expressive and can be a silly bug, he loves making everyone laugh. Eli’s smiles are much more illusive once the camera is taken out, but his Nanny can always bring out the best in him.

Yesterday morning Dave and I drove to Port Allen, we stopped off at Lafayette Wood Works first to pick up a sample of molding for the house. Today I’m going to go over the bid from them with Shannon, our builder and we’ll be ordering TRIM for the house, this is exciting business! The floaters are still working every other day adding mud to the sheetrock to get it just right before adding paint to the mix, then the trim and painting begins! It will be four months on the 21st since our project began and our builder is doing a fabulous job of getting our house built! I couldn’t ask for anything more.

We went to Bellelo’s in Port Allen near Baton Rouge to look at furniture and appliances, then went to DC’s Grill for a little lunch. Their philly steak sandwich was yummy and Dave really enjoyed it and I had a scrumptious pulled BBQ pork sandwich that was out of this world delicious. I stopped by a little baby boutique to pick up a few little things for a special baby shower this weekend. Buzy Kids is the name of it, its super adorable and just about 2 miles South of I-10 in Port Allen. They’ve got some sweet LSU tots apparel and darling baby gifts.

Port Allen

It sure was a pretty day for a drive, white puffy clouds and the traffic moved nicely. Once we got back to Lafayette, we went to Tops and finalized our choices and ordered our appliances. Dave and I really love everything we’ve chosen and I can’t wait to see it all in the kitchen of our new home!

I’ll be working on a little crafty project today and sharing later! Stay tuned and have a fabulous Wednesday!

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