Monday, November 16, 2009

Color Chart for the House


We’ve picked a painter and they’re going to be priming THIS week! I can’t hardly believe it, but goodness gracious its happening! I’ve chosen a simple color palette of two colors and a few different shades for most of the house, these colors go beautifully with the other finishes, wood floors, granite, marble and porcelain for the floors and shower/bath areas. I’ve already painted a few large pieces of sheetrock with my wall colors and a nice sample of the trim color too and LOVED them all! I think its so important to move the large sample around the room to see how the color looks in different areas and also view it at different times of day, the light quality influences the color a whole lot and made me change my thoughts on the shade of one particular color because of it. We’ll be priming with the actual colors, so if they need to be tweaked we’ll be able to do that before final coats go onto the wood. After priming happens Shannon and his guys can start moving in with the cabinetry that he’s got made. They’ll install them and start trimming the house out. This is really news!



This is the color scheme for the kitchen. I know the wall color is very neutral, BUT I’m such a dish collector that I will definitely have loads of color in there by way of table cloths, dishware, stemware and especially napkins and placemats, not to leave out the beautiful accessory pieces I have that match my different dish sets. I thought hard about going with a pretty salmon color but always came back to a putty/taupe color. Its in the porcelain, granite and definitely will go nicely with the stainless sink and faucet. The other color I love is a Buxton Blue by Benjamin Moore Paint, I saw it and fell in love with it in one of the symphony orchestra houses, it was in the master bedroom in the 2008 house, designer for that room was Jeffery McCullough and he did a fabulous job of accessorizing the room. I hope I can do it justice with my choices of furnishings and accessories too.

buxton blue-004

Its very soothing and relaxing and the very best thing is that Dave and I both love it! I’m finished filling out the color chart for the painter now and can’t wait to see the color going up on the walls. I’ll be taking a few photos today to show how nicely the sheetrock looks. Knight’s Drywall Services is who did our installation and floating and their paint crew, which is made up of all women (I just love that) are just excellent. I love their dedication to their craft, how very efficient they are and their work ethic.

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