Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Wonderful Friends Heidi and Durwood

I was honored when my friends Heidi and Durwood asked me to take their beautiful daughter Regan’s wedding photos. I shared a few photos of Regan and fiancee Blaine last week, here’s a lovely photo of her Mom and Dad. They’re as wonderful and loving as they are beautiful and the have the most amazing and gorgeous family as well. God sure matched their outsides with their insides… good people like my Daddy would say, and I totally agree. God Bless you both, I’m looking forward to each event that I’m privileged to share with you all for Regan and Blaine’s marriage.


I met Durwood when I moved to Coteau in the fifth grade, he’s a super guy and a fabulous dad. Heidi and I have been blessed to have wonderful men in our lives and we thank God for them all the time!

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Heidi viator said...

Girl. You are soooooo right. How blessed we are. Durk and David are even more beautiful on the inside! (the outside ain't bad either) How thankful I am that God joined us as friends and I know we will be forever friends! Love you Katy!!!!