Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wall Framing... finally!

Our builder Shannon says it will only be a matter of a few short weeks and the entire house will be framed. I didn't believe it could be so... but when I returned from the day out of the house, there were a whole lot of walls up. Its so nice to see the house taking shape! Stay tuned for more pics and updates!! Dave and I spent the afternoon in Lafayette, we ordered windows and doors, looked at the brick we selected, picked out the shingles and checked out the clay capping and ordered the two tubs for the house today! We got a lot done in a short amount of time!


jmac said...

YAY!!!!!!!! and I have to admit how very cool it is that I got to actually stand at the front door of your house, even tho it wasn't there yet! Gonna be so fun to watch the progress!!

Deborah said...

Whoo hoo thats freakin awesome.

Janie's World said...

Wow! I'm very excited for you!