Wednesday, August 26, 2009

News Since Saturday...

Kali went to dance class on Monday. Mom helped her get dressed then she put her own ballet shoes on and showed me a few of her dance positions. The boys came over for supper with Dad while mama had a little night out with the girls. They played in the tractor of course, with Pop watching at the door and I snapped a few pics of the little cuties. Some of their new favorite words are tractor, drive and door, its no wonder! They love the big tractor, Daddy took them for a ride around the pasture and they just loved that!!
The framing phase of the house is near completion! Amazing!!
New Dishware I got this past weekend in Lake Charles. Dave and I went with my sisters Robin and Debbie and Deb's husband Normand to a few flea markets and antique stores ... these are a few of my finds. I'm lovin' the blues and greens in this little Noritake Cookin Serve set. They totally match the items found recently while on my shopping adventures!

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jmac said...

Oh katy, I know how exciting this time in your life is and I'm just over the moon with glee for you!!
It's like that house will become another baby...just like those precious grandbabies are!
So glad they're getting the outside up and closed in before the fall rains come....Can't wait to see those new dishes set on the table in your NEW dining room!!!