Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sleeping Angels

Yesterday morning Kali went to Lafayette with all the girls in our family along with Natalie, Mimi, Riley and Anna Claire. We just have to show you a sweet photo of her all dressed up in her pretty dress Nanny Joyce made for her!
After a long day on the farm and a yummy supper they shared with Kali, Alex and Eli went to sleep and slept like hibernating bears. We never heard a sound from them... from 8:45 PM until 7:00 this morning. They're watching curious George right now and I'm going to make blueberry waffles for them in a minute! We're going to have a wonderful Sunday... we hope you do too! Alex is on top and Elijah is on the bottom.

1 comment:

jmac said...

And now I know who Mimi, Nat and Anna Claire really are!!!! I had THE best time with your family, ms katy. Made me really miss being part of a big family.
Thank you again for all your generosity and your friendship.
And yes ya' kali is indeed just as precious as everyone of her pics! And such good manners...
I could SO hang with your daughters...they are a hoot!!