Friday, February 22, 2008

Alex, Eli & Kali - Feb 20, 2008

On Wednesday I went over to Davey and Claire's house to watch Alex while Claire and Beki brought Eli into the pediatric cardiologist's office. I was able to shoot a few photos of Alex while they were gone, then Eli got his turn in front of the camera later in the afternoon. Eli's doctor said that he is doing fine and that the little murmur isn't something we need to worry about. It will likely heal itself in time and if it doesn't that it is mild and that many people live their whole lives very normally with them. After school on Wednesday, Kali came over to visit the boys at their house and we took a few photos of her with Alex. She loves holding the boys and he was awake for quite a while and she loved playing with him and giving him attention. That evening after Kali and Krista left, Claire gave the boys their bath (quite independantly I might add, all by herself) and I took more pics of them in their little gowns. They sure were expressive after bathtime!

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Anonymous said...

OH Katy! They get GORGEOUS every second!!!!