Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our lovely Erica goes to Prom

This past Saturday Erica went to prom with her friends. We bought a lovely dress a few months ago at Lemon Drop and the color was just gorgeous on her. After a little nip and tuck and hemming by Nanny Joyce it fit her like a charm and she did indeed look fabulous in it. Our friend Keisha offered to do her makeup and Erica happily took her up on it, she did a super job and she looked beautiful. Here are a few photos of Eri on this special occasion.

 DSCF4877-001 DSCF4889-010 DSCF4893-014

Aqua is my new favorite color on her, I’m glad you had a good time at prom Erica, making special memories with your friends is wonderful and I’m so happy that everyone was safe and got home without any issues! That’s always a such a blessing!

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jmac said...

Absolutely stunning!! and no, D, you cannot hold her under your arm forever...she'll soon fly!! Tough, eh? Specially that last one.....
BUT she'll always be ya'll's baby!!!