Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ice Cream Party Games

There were a few games at the party for Kali on Saturday. The kids loved popping balloons, having races with cherries in their spoons, blowing bubbles and breaking the pinata. Here are some photos captured at the party by me and my sister Robin at the party. (Thanks Aunt Robin for always helping out! We love you!)

Balloon Popping!DSCF5202-014 DSCF5196-008 DSCF5197-009 DSCF5198-010 DSCF5199-011 DSCF5200-012 DSCF5201-013

Bubble Blowing

IMG_1423-030 IMG_1418-026 IMG_1419-027 IMG_1421-028 IMG_1422-029

Cherry Races

DSCF5153-007 DSCF5147-001 DSCF5148-002 DSCF5149-003 DSCF5150-004 DSCF5151-005 DSCF5152-006

Pinata Breaking

 IMG_1406-015 IMG_1407-016 IMG_1408-017 IMG_1409-018 IMG_1410-019 IMG_1411-020 IMG_1412-021 IMG_1413-022IMG_1415-024 IMG_1414-023

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