Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Birthday Girl

Six years ago today our girl was born, it was a magnficent Mother’s Day gift for Krista and we celebrated both of them today.


Kali went out to the pond where her Pop and Zach (Kris’ fiance') were working on the new wharf, she brought her guitar, which was a gift from Lolli and Pop on her special day… and played a few tunes and sang for us all.


She will begin guitar lessons this summer with Mrs. Jenny from her school and continue when she enters the first grade in the fall.

DSCF5082-002 DSCF5090-003

She’s got a great memory and super rhythm, we’re sure she’s going to be a wonderful guitarist.


Here she is with Aunt Erica.

DSCF5098-006 Happy, Happy Birthday baby girl! We love you big little Miss Kali!


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jmac said...

Happy Birthday Ms. Kali!! I'm sure your Lolli made it a very special day! Did you have a pretty b'day cake too?? We wanna see!!!!