Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Few Days with the Boys

While the babysitter took a much needed vacation with her husband the twins spent some time with Krista and me. On Monday they went to the zoo with Anna Claire, Aunt Kris and Natalie. After the zoo they went to Kali’s classroom to celebrate her birthday with ice cream and juice. They loved sitting at the school desks with the big kids! Tuesday Kris and I took them on a little shopping trip to town and to Canes for lunch afterward. Here are a few photos from their adventures.

DSC07165-011 DSC07160-006 DSC07163-009 DSC07164-010

DSC07170-016 DSC07168-014

DSC07180-026 DSC07175-021  Finally a photo of our birthday girl Kali!


Thanks to Aunt Kris for bringing a camera along!

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Deborah said...

Gotta love those bubbas they're just too cute. Happy Birthday Kali Marie